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i.Conveyancing.co was established in 2013. We are a professional conveyancing service in Melton, with over 18 years of industry experience.

Our widespread knowledge of the Victorian property transfer process will make sure you are provided with the best conveyancing service. With a focus on making buying and selling of your property easy, we provide a wide range of conveyancing services from property purchases, sales, subdivisions, related party transfer, deceased estates. We have the skills and experience to get the job done right.

The purchase or sale of a property and the associated conveyancing can be a daunting experience, where things can very easily go wrong. But with i.Conveyancing.Co Pty Ltd you’ll be in safe hands. Our knowledgeable & experienced staff make the process easy & completely risk free!

Fiona Barber

Licensed Conveyancer/ Managing Director

Fiona Barber is the Managing Director and licensed conveyancer, she will be responsible for your transaction from beginning to end. Fiona has worked in the Conveyancing industry pretty much her whole adult life. Fiona has worked at conveyancing offices around Victoria, law firms, she has also worked for property and legal training organisations and global companies that offer property support to the major banks. Fiona comes with over 18 years experience and has solely run her own conveyancing company which she founded in 2013. With this in mind you are in safe hands. Fiona has much knowledge and many critical contacts in the industry.

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